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The Longevity World Forum chooses Alicante as host city for its third edition in 2024

The Longevity World Forum has already chosen the venue for its third edition. Alicante will host this international congress, thus becoming the world capital of longevity. This was confirmed by the event organisers at Fitur 2024, where it was announced that the international benchmark congress on the latest advances in medical longevity and healthy ageing

What happens when we grow old?

What happens in the body as we age, so that these associated pathologies appear?

Longevity World Forum will celebrate its third edition on November 19 and 20 in Valencia

The worldwide reference event on longevity and healthy aging will take place the third week of November The organization committee of the Longevity World Forum has confirmed the dates of November 19 and 20 for the celebration of the third edition of the worldwide congress on healthy aging and longevity. In addition, the event will

The international scientific community concludes in Valencia that aging can be modified with timely action

Lengthening healthy life and preventing functional depletion in old age require a multidisciplinary intervention and specific public policies. The second edition of the Longevity World Forum has also served to demonstrate that breakthroughs in life expectancy require engineering and technology.

Liz Parrish shows gene therapies to be a successful formula to increase longevity

Considered to be the “patient zero” of this type of treatment, Parrish shares her experimental case at the second edition of the Longevity World Forum. Telomerase, follistatin and klotho are the elements on which she is currently working at her biotechnology firm to combat aging.

Leading scientists claim that medicine should focus on the quality of life during old age

Calorie restriction and senescent cells have been two of the main subjects addressed on the second day of the Longevity World Forum. This international congress being held in Valencia comes to an end on Friday 15 November, with a consideration of the social and economic aspects of longevity.

The latest breakthroughs for a longer and better life expectancy are presented in Valencia on the occasion of the Longevity World Forum

The central events of the pioneering congress in Europe on human longevity have been held at the Conference Centre on 14 and 15 November. The meeting has brought together eminent international professionals, such as Rafael de Cabo, Pura Muñoz and Manuel Collado.

Valencia is consolidated as the world scientific capital of healthy aging

For the second year running, the city hosts the Longevity World Forum, one of the most important congresses in the world on longevity, on 13, 14 and 15 November. Eminent scientists such as Maria Blasco and Rafael de Cabo will be present at the event, which is backed by leading companies in the sector such as Google’s Calico.

Liz Parrish visits Spain to talk about her experience as “patient zero” of the first successful gene therapy against aging

The founder and CEO of BioViva Science, one of the ten most innovative companies in the world in its sector, will participate at the Longevity World Forum. Liz Parrish will also explain the latest breakthroughs being achieved by her company with a view to developing a “rejuvenating vaccine”.

The Longevity World Forum will convert Valencia into the global scientific capital of healthy aging

One of the most important congresses in the world on longevity will be held in the city on 13, 14 and 15 November. Leading scientists such as Maria Blasco and Rafael de Cabo will attend the meeting which benefits from the support of companies such as Google’s Calico.
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