The organisers of the Longevity World Forum have confirmed that the programme for the 2019 edition is to be completed with the holding of a symposium in collaboration with the Príncipe Felipe Research Centre (CIPF), where it will be held on Wednesday 13 November at 2 p.m. Specifically, this symposium will deal with preclinical research models of aging and metabolism, as well as looking at their implications for age-related diseases.


To this end, the Longevity World Forum symposium to be held at the CIPF will benefit from the participation of benchmarking scientists such as Dr María Blasco, director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), who has recently discovered the key to the longevity of species in telomers, Dr Pura Muñoz, researcher of the Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), who has this year received the Jaume I Prize for Medical Research for her contributions on the molecular mechanisms of aging, and Dr Avan Sayer, director of the Newcastle Institute for Ageing (United Kingdom), among others.


This symposium has been added to the programme already scheduled for the Longevity World Forum, which will be held over two days, 14 and 15 November, at the Palacio de Congresos (Conference Centre) of Valencia. The forum will focus on scientific research, explaining the latest research currently underway in the field of longevity, the recently proven guidelines on the best ways to live longer and better, and the social and economic effects inherent to societies with an increasing life expectancy.


Here, professionals from around the world will meet to share their knowledge on longevity from the point of view of the many sectors involved. These include Rafael de Cabo, chief of the Translational Gerontology Branch of the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore (USA); Maria Entraigues Abramson, Global Outreach Coordinator of SENS Research Foundation (USA); Reason, co-founder of Repair Biotechnologies, Inc. (USA); Manuel Serrano, a doctor and professor who is currently working on the ICREA programme of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Barcelona (IRB Barcelona); Bruno Vellas, doctor of the Aging Unit and chairman of the Gerontopole at the University Hospital of Toulouse (France); and Álvaro Pascual-Leone, professor of Neurology at the Harvard Medical School (USA), among others.


With all of this, thanks to the Longevity World Forum, Spain is once again the forum par excellence on human longevity and, furthermore Valencia is consolidated as one of the scientific capitals of the world. Those interested in attending can handle their registration via the official website: