The pioneering nature and professional approach of the Longevity World Forum is attracting the attention of different actors involved in the fields of longevity, genomics and precision medicine. Less than two months away from the first edition, the event has gained the support of Calico, a biotech company that, under the umbrella of Google, works in the research and development of this field.

The organizers of the #Longevity18 have stated “it is great news that a company such as Calico joins the Longevity World Forum for several reasons. It reflects the need to hold an event such as this one which addresses an issue that affects the society as a whole. In addition, as a result, everyone interested in scientific and medical development will have their eyes on Spain in general and on Valencia in particular”.

Ever since Calico was established in 2013, the company has focused on combating ageing and associated diseases. In order to do so, it has a multidisciplinary team of scientists from the fields of medicine, genetics and molecular biology, among others. Calico aims at providing the environment to support innovation and improve human health, as the company explains.

El Longevity World Forum has been conceived as a project that serves this mission, that is, an event that becomes a meeting point to pool knowledge and create synergies to extend life expectancy and improve life quality. Hence, world leaders of the scientific community will gather together in the Valencia Conference Centre on the 7th and 8th of November.

Among others, the following renowned professionals will take part in Longevity World Forum: Aubrey de Grey, biomedical gerontologist and founder of SENS Research Foundation; María Blasco Marhuenda, head of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre; José Viña and Federico Pallardó, Professors of Physiology at the University of Valencia; Ángela Nieto, head of the Developmental Neurobiology Unit of the UMH-CSIC Neuroscience Institute located in Alicante; Manuel Pérez Alonso, Professor of Genetics at the University of Valencia; Manuel Corpas, CEO and founder of Cambridge Precision Medicine; Lissette Otero, Chief Medical Officer and Laboratory Director in Life Length; and Maria Chatzou, CEO of Lifebit.

#Longevity18 is an initiative promoted by the consulting firm Talentum Group in collaboration with the agency Medigene Press, which publishes the journal Genética Médica News, as well as the international company Cambridge Precision Medicine. Tickets are limited but they are still available on the official website Those interested in attending the event who can provide evidence that they belong to an academic institution or a professional association will receive special discounts.