The Longevity World Forum Alicante, the pioneering congress on longevity in the world, will hold its third edition with an innovative format that combines face-to-face and virtual development, during the next 17 and 18 October. This hybrid approach will allow attendees to enjoy all the advantages of a congress of these characteristics from anywhere in the world, providing an enriching and accessible experience.

After two successful editions, the Longevity World Forum Alicante has become a world reference event in the fields of science and research focused on longevity and healthy ageing. The third edition of the LWF, in addition to the physical presence at the congress, incorporates a technological platform that allows people from all over the world to connect so that they can be part of this experience. This development consists of two distinct parts: virtual and face-to-face attendance.

It makes it possible to attend all the programmed activities and share networking spaces with agents from the sector and scientific-medical professionals, among other leaders in the field of medical longevity. The platform facilitates the interconnection between people and the live broadcasting with a live streaming that will show in real time what happens in the congress. This makes it possible to follow the presentation of the event with presentations, round tables, interviews or statements from speakers and people of interest.

Alicante becomes the epicentre of the scientific community, the innovative ecosystem and the industry linked to the sector. The Mediterranean city combines different differential factors to position itself as a European benchmark hub around the longevity industry.

Science, technology and trends

The Longevity World Forum Alicante will be divided into two days. The first day will be dedicated to the science of longevity, while the second will focus on technology and trends. Both days will feature talks, debates and conferences, which will focus on science and research, technological development and the latest trends in the sector, making it a meeting point for experts and enthusiasts in these fields.

The event will feature world-renowned speakers who will share their knowledge and advances in the field of longevity. Topics will include the latest scientific discoveries, innovations in the health sector, and developments in E-Health, offering a comprehensive and up-to-date view on life extension and wellbeing in later life.

In addition to the presentations and round tables, the Longevity World Forum Alicante will incorporate parallel initiatives dedicated to dissemination, with the aim of bringing knowledge about longevity to a wider public. These complementary initiatives aim to promote interest in and understanding of healthy ageing and the opportunities offered by this field.

The conference is aimed at all people with scientific, business, social and economic interests related to longevity. This includes healthcare professionals and researchers, companies in the sector, E-Health startups, students and anyone curious about this topic. The global accessibility of the event will allow the participation of interested parties from anywhere in the world, breaking down geographical barriers and promoting a global community of knowledge and collaboration.

The Longevity World Forum Alicante has thus established itself as a benchmark in the field of longevity, offering a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies between different actors in the sector. It is therefore a unique opportunity to be part of this event that promises to revolutionise knowledge and practices in the field of longevity.