Here is the provisional programme and schedule of the Longevity World Forum. If you require further information, please fill in our contact form.

Date: 7th and 8th of November 2018.

City: Valencia, Spain.

Location: Palacio de Congresos.



Wednesday 7th November
9:15Opening ceremony
Session 1: Genomics of Longevity
10:00Ángela Nieto: Reactivation of embryonic programs during organ degeneration
11:00Federico Pallardó: Epigenetic factors related to longevity
12:00Coffee break
12:30María Blasco: Telomeres and telomerase
13:30Panel discussion: Challenges and myths in genetic age prediction
Moderated by: Manuel Pérez
Participants: Ángela Nieto, María Blasco, Federico Pallardó, Amparo Tolosa
14:30Buffet lunch
Session 2: The role of diet, nutrition and physical exercise in extending life
16:15José Viña: Centenarians: an example of successful extreme longevity
17:00Mari Carmen Gómez: Physical exercise in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
18:15Coffee break
19:00Panel discussion: Interventions to achieve healthy aging
Moderated by: Consuelo Borrás
Participants: José Viña, Mari Carmen Gómez
20:00End of day 1
21:30Gala Dinner
Thursday 8th November
Session 3: P4 Medicine in Longevity: Predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory
9:30Manuel Corpas: Interpretation of clinical genomes to prevent risks in chronic diseases
11:00Coffee break
11:30Juan Sabater | Ana Sabater: Drugs, genes and personalized treatment
12:30Panel discussion: Data cloud in personal health
Moderated by: Maria Chatzou
Participants: Manuel Corpas
13:15Panel discussion: What role do pharmacies, clinics and hospitals play in all the development of precision medicine?
Moderated by:
14:00Buffet lunch
Session 4: Technologies & Biomarkers for Longevity
15:30Aubrey de Grey: Rejuvenation biotechnology: making aging so healthy we will stop calling it aging
16:15Tom Stubbs: Epigenetics: ageing environments
17:00Attila Csordas: AgeCurve, proteomics and extending healthspan: from free solo to aided rock climbing
17:30Coffee break
18:00Lissette Otero: Telomere Associated Variables, age and cancer
18:45Panel discussion: Final conclusions
Moderated by: Manuel Corpas
Participants: Aubrey de Grey, Tom Stubbs, Attila Csordas, Lissette Otero
19:30Closing ceremony
20:00Wine Tasting