What is the Longevity World Forum?

First conference on longevity and genomics in Europe.

Presentation of the latest developments in precision medicine.


Improving the quality of life and prevent age-related diseases.

Bringing together world leaders in the scientific community.

How do we network?

Round tables networking with keynote speakers and attendees.

Presentations of the latest developments in biomedicine and biopharmacology applied to precision medicine.

Exhibition of products and services for brands and attendees.

The life expectancy for humankind has considerably increased in the past 100 years. In fact, we are questioning the limits to and expansiveness of human longevity. High living standards and longer life expectancy are among the main concerns of our societies. Such concerns also drive contemporary medicine and the scientific community towards advancement of information about the genetic basis of human longevity and the biological mechanisms related to aging. Scientists are looking for therapeutic strategies to prolong the duration of life and assure quality living standards. The Longevity World Forum aims to create a space for experts to collaborate and further the discussion on this topic.