Pablo Marín-García

Bioinformatics Director at Kanteron Systems

Bioinformatics Director at Kanteron Systems, Bioinformatics lecturer at Universidad Católica de Valencia, CEO MGviz Cambridge. He has a PhD in molecular biology and a statistics degree. Former Head of Bioinformatics and Data Analysis at Imegen, and former Head of Bioinformatics at Hospital Clínico Valencia-INCLIVA, he grew as bioinformatician at European Bioinformatics Institute, and did an Human Genetics PostDoc at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He has been also Visiting Research Fellow at the Human and molecular genetics center, Medical College of Wisconsin.

Jorge Cortell

CEO of Kanteron Systems

Kanteron Systems Founder & CEO, Guest Lecturer in 60 universities, hacker-hacktivist, serial entrepreneur (x8). Oxford (Computing), MIT (EDP), Harvard (1s Neurobiology), ESADE (Int. Business), University of Valencia (Medical Genomics).

Former Visiting Professor in 2 universities, pro basketball player and member of the European Commission Expert Group on Venture Philanthropy and Social Investments.

Awarded “Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award”, “Mirror Review One of the 30 Most Creative CEOs”, “Best Clinical Scientific presentation at DPA”, “El Mundo Innovation of the Year”, “Microsoft Healthcare Digital Heroe”, “ACQ5 Gamechanger CEO of the Year Award”, “InsightsSuccess One of the 30 Most Valuable Tech Titans”, “Owler’s Best CEO in the Healthcare IT Industry”, “CityAM One of the Hottest 50 Tech Startups Superstars”, “Insightssuccess One of the 30 Most Valuable Tech Titans”…

Attila Csordas

CEO of AgeCurve Limited

Attila Csordas has picked the problem of aging and the corresponding project of healthy lifespan extension as his exclusive professional motivation at the age of 14. After starting out as a mitochondrial and stem cell researcher, Attila turned his attention to proteomics and has been working as a proteomics bioinformatician for the past 8 years. During these years he acquired hands-on experience in dealing with ever more complex proteomics datasets. In December 2015 he has founded AgeCurve Limited in Cambridge UK, the first ever startup using direct-to-consumer personal proteomics to provide deep age profiles to end users. Besides the default DTC offering, AgeCurve has already started to work with physicians in order to find a way to help the essential work of clinicians and contribute to longevity medicine.